Well recognised for their beauty, quality and attention to detail made with real touch and assorted silk flowers, Conception Garlands has been for over 30 years creating stunning garlands that have graced the most beautiful show horses in Australasia.

These garlands are “Top of the Range” and individually tailored.

Prices range from $250 (basic) upward depending upon the size and shape of the garland and additional additions such as ribbon, extra flowers, lights and special requests.

We look forward to hearing from you and we are only too happy to discuss your thoughts and tailor make a Special Award for you.


A Conception Garland – The Garland Competitors want and aim to win.


Horseshoe Shaped Garland

Photo: Angie Rickard


Throw-over Garland

Photo: LMG


Straight Garland

Photo: Angie Rickard


V Shape Garland

Photo: Derek O’Leary